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Connecting with the craft-seeking, switching Millennial generation: an interview with Carlsberg

Aug 23, 2018 Future Talkers
Chats, Insights, Millennials, NextGen

How Cool Brands Stay Hot recently launched frAGILE, a bookzine on NextGen marketing based on 26 interviews with senior Marketing Executives.

As part of the interview series, they connected with Morten Boye, Vice President Marketing Carlsberg Group Denmark, to hear his take on how NextGen marketing has changed and what is important when connecting with these young consumers today and tomorrow.

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6 words that define the new ‘cool’ for Gen Z

Aug 14, 2018 Future Talkers
Cool Brands, GenZ, Insights

Gen Z, the demographic cohort after Millennials or Gen Y, can be defined as a tech-savvy generation living in an (fr)agile reality where everything is within reach. This triggers Gen Z to explore and experience a wide variety of interests to fuel their personal preferences. Mixing these micro-interest ultimately allows them to craft their unique selves and define their self-identity.

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The era of averages is over

Jun 11, 2018 Future Talkers
Insights, Marketing, Research

The life expectancy of humans is increasing year after year, yet that of brands and companies is declining at an ever-inclining rate. It is clear that the new reality, characterized by a shift from linearity, craftmanship and scarcity to one defined by acceleration (e.g. of decision-making), automation (e.g. of services) and abundance (e.g. of data) is pressuring brands and marketers to do things differently.

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Around the world with NextGen: 3 things brands can learn from their Wanderlust

May 30, 2018 Future Talkers
Insights, NextGen


To quote the Urban Dictionary (or just Wikipedia), Wanderlust can be defined as ‘a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel & explore the world’ – which is basically something lots of NextGen’ers (including me) suffer from. According to a recent Ypulse study, 96% of our generation is interested in traveling and getting out of our comfort zones. We aim to explore the world, discover new places and spend our money on unique experiences (rather than big purchases), which leads to us going on at least 3 or 4 trips a year – the further, the better.

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Why insights should be(come) your company language

Mar 21, 2018 Future Talkers
Insight Academy, Insights

As consumer insights professionals (aka insight leaders) we have the sometimes-arduous task of providing provocation and inspiration to our business stakeholders. Powerful consumer or end-user insights can be the key currency here – yet how often do we actually involve our stakeholders in this process? Why do we assume that insighting can only be the responsibility of insight managers?

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How brands are jumping on the Galentine’s Day bandwagon

Feb 14, 2018 Future Talkers
Insights, marketing, Valentine

Although the number of singles is growing every year (one of the key trends of the frAGILE bookzine), with recent figures of Euromonitor projecting that 120 million new single households will be added by 2030, being single around February is never a pleasant thing. 

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The future of work? Empower flexible working

Feb 06, 2018 Future Talkers
gen Y, innovation, Insights, millennials, work

The Adecco Group asserts that the emergence of the gig economy is disruptive and that the “growth of the gig economy in which digital technology rapidly matches short-term employment needs with willing labor is reshaping the employment landscape”.

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6 tech predictions for 2018

Jan 16, 2018 Future Talkers
AI, insights, tech

New year, new gear!

2017 was a dark year for the tech  industry, peppered with cool gadgets, preductable upgrades and spectacular downfalls. What excitement will 2018 bring? Here are a few predictions for this year:

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The state of market research: keep and gain relevance

Nov 20, 2017 Future Talkers
Innovation, Insights, Market Research

As published in Research World – September 2017 issue. 
One may feel overpowered and dazzled looking at what is going on in the insights and research industry and by extension in the bigger marketing sphere. The technological developments around social media, the IoT, AI, AR or VR, are fast and furious. The offspring of it shifts the scope of the business we operate in so drastically that you may be thinking the end is close to near and there is nothing we can do.
One should not think that way! We should constantly repeat to ourselves that we are good at understanding human behavior and that we are hired to change executive decision making based on delivering human insights. The fundamentals of doing that have not changed. What has changed is how we generate and process data. Because of that our overarching challenge in market research and insights centers around generating relevance. To keep and gain that relevance, I feel we need to develop a razor-sharp focus on 4 key points.

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Increasing the ROI of consumer insights for Danone

Oct 27, 2017 Future Talkers
Activation Studio, CCB, Client Case, Insights

Danone, a multinational food products corporation, recently launched the Danone 2020 Manifesto, a business transformation program designed for a sustainable, collaborative and community-engaging future. Inspired by this Manifesto, the Danone Benelux Consumer Insight Team wanted to create an environment where consumer insights come to life, stimulate collaboration and catalyze bottom-up innovations. But how to engage and unite employees and how to trigger meaningful actions from consumer insights?

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Market research trends for today, tomorrow & the day after tomorrow

Oct 18, 2017 Future Talkers
forward, market research, trending

What is buzzing in marketing research? Which trends are being taken forward? What’s on the research buyers’ and users’ road map and what is their vision on the future? To answer these questions, we conducted a quantitative research piece among 101 German corporate researchers and insight managers (in collaboration with Planung & Analyse).

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Studying Up for Back-to-School

Sep 05, 2017 Future Talkers
data, Insights, sales

Back-to-school is big business for retailers. How big? It’s the second most-popular shopping window of the year, behind the holidays, and for the past two years, shopper spend has increased by 10% or more. If that trend holds for 2017, back-to-school spend will surpass $80 billion.

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Towards more SONIC market research

Aug 22, 2017 Future Talkers
artificial intelligence, consumer listening, forward, research

Deep down we probably all acknowledge the fact that market research needs to be(come) more agile if it wants to stay relevant. But how can it do so?

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A Millennial take on food consumption

Aug 11, 2017 Future Talkers
Eco-friendly, Insights, Millennials

Kimberly Egan, CEO of the Center for Culinary Development, already stated in 2009: “Generation Y has a game-changing approach to food consumption that will definitely affect how other demographics, including Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, shop and eat”. (Progressive Grocer, 2009)

Now, seven years later, this quote is even more relevant. We call Gen Y the foodie generation and their behavior and attitudes towards food are more important than ever. Their appetite and food needs are changing the entire culinary landscape and on top of that they are influencing the evolution of restaurants and food concepts.

Nowadays, food brands and chefs are forced to design new creative concepts that meet the needs of Gen Y. These concepts are based on three emerging trends…

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How youngsters are consuming for a better world

Jul 31, 2017 Future Talkers
Cool brands, Insights, NextGen

The headlines are not hiding it: natural disasters, extreme weather circumstances and scores of shortages are hitting our planet. The attention for the consequences of global warming is rising and people seem to become increasingly aware of the fact that they might be the culprit behind it all. And this growing conscience is making people prepared to act. But also brands should take this into account and react to this need for action. But how can they do that concretely? The answer seems simple: by integrating durability in their offer. For instance by focusing on the plastics issue and tackling the mountain of plastic waste via recycled or ecological alternatives…

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Predicting consumer behavior in online communities via Artificial Intelligence

Jul 11, 2017 Future Talkers
artificial intelligence, CCB

 If you were active in the market research industry in the past ten years, you probably experienced the important evolutions of Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) or as we like to call them Consumer Consulting Boards

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The future of home cooking? Robot chefs!

Jun 20, 2017 Future Talkers
Campaign, Insight, Technology

When we think about robotics, the typical image that usually crosses our minds, due to Hollywood’s massive influence, is something futuristic that looks surreal and almost impossible to market. ChappieEx-machina and I, Robot are just a few examples of numerous movies produced about robotics integrating in human society. It has been predicted for ages that automised machines, combined with advanced artificial intelligence, will play a significant part in our daily lives.

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Let’s get personal with NextGen

Jun 08, 2017 Future Talkers
gen y, gen z, millennials, NextGen

One of the questions we asked in our global cross-generational study to four different generations was “What brand characteristics do you find most important?”. A long list of thirty-two randomized brand items was shown, including being socially engaged and hyper-personalization.

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3 steps towards a truly consumer-centered organization

May 19, 2017 Future Talkers
consumer centric, Insights, marketing

Do you think your company is consumer-centered? Think again. Many companies have different practices in place for defining and delivering great consumer experiences, like voice of the customer programs, co-creation, journey mapping, etc. But the question is: do they make a difference? Is this impacting the loyalty of your customers and does this make you stand out from your competitors? Do they truly bring an outside-in approach and make staff members think and act differently?

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The next big thing in conversational commerce? Chatbots!

May 12, 2017 Future Talkers
digital communication, insights, millennials

While chatbot development is still in its infancy relative to other digital communication, this cutting-edge software is believed to be the next big thing in conversational commerce (i.e. the use of messaging apps, chat or voice technology to interact with the consumer and sell products).

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The No Bullshit Brand Diet

May 04, 2017 Future Talkers
insights, marketing, Millennials

Healthy living is no longer a trend or fad followed by a select group of people. It’s a mainstream way of life which consumers strive to achieve every day and apply to every decision they make.

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Client Case: Ongoing consumer collaboration to strengthen the Axe brand positioning

Apr 28, 2017 Future Talkers
CCB, client case, our work

AXE, one of Unilever’s most popular brands in the personal care category, has decided to change its strategy to be appealing to a wider audience. With this change, Unilever wants to get continuous consumer feedback on its new positioning, underlying brand activation and product offerings in order to maximise their chance of in-market success.

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NextGen is dreaming of a better world

Apr 26, 2017 Future Talkers
gender equality, GenY, GenZ, infographic, NextGen

Let’s be honest: in today’s rapidly changing polarized political climate, we do hope that a new young generation of leaders will soon step up to decide which direction the world is heading in, before it’s too late.

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A Millennial view on mobility

Mar 30, 2017 Future Talkers
Insights, Millennials, NextGen

Despite the growth of population and economy, the transportation of people has reached its peak. There is a general phenomenon of reduced mobility.

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How kids influence where we go on holiday

Mar 20, 2017 Future Talkers
Gen-Y, Gen-Z, Holidays, Infographic

Unless you’re living somewhere in the Pacific or any other year-round sunny destination, you’re probably also feeling the chilly spring kicking in and are longing for summer holidays and warm travel destinations. Time to let the planning begin! If you have kids, chances are high that they will be the ones choosing your holiday destination.

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What’s on today’s youth’s bucket list

Mar 06, 2017 Future Talkers
generation Y, generation Z, infographic

I wanna be a billionaire so freakin’ bad, buy all of the things I never had. Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen…” This might be on Bruno Mars’ wish list for when he becomes a billionaire (and with a net income of 75 million in 2016 alone he might be getting there soon). Billionaire-ship might not be so near for us average humans, this does not mean we do not have a bucket list in mind.


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A cross-generational Valentine infographic: That’s the way 💘 goes

Feb 14, 2017 Future Talkers
infographic, love, valentine's day

Would you kiss on a first date? According to a recent InSites Consulting survey, 7 out of 10 Millennials (aged 20 to 36) wholeheartedly says ‘yes’. The Dutch surprisingly enough appear to be the most reticent among the interviewed countries: only 56% of their Millennials would kiss on a first date. Your biggest chance of a kiss on the first date is in Sweden (79%).

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The 5 best commercials of 2016

Feb 08, 2017 Future Talkers
advertising, best of 2016, research

With January gone, we are stepping into the most romantic, lovey-dovey time of the year. This might make us just a little bit nostalgic, so we figured that a rewind into the past year might be exactly what we need!

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Back to school is cool... and pricey

Sep 13, 2016 Future Talkers
infographic, sales and marketing, school

Back-To-School 2016 is officially here! 

To "celebrate" the end of summer fun - and drown out the back-to-school jitters that are induced by all those impending wedgies and hurt feelings - kids are ready to give their full attention to what is perhaps the only real joy of starting a new school year, back-to-school shopping!  

Back-To-School is the second largest retail holiday in the US! This year, it's expected to rake in an unbelievable $828 BILLION!

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Measuring coffee concepts in context for Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Jul 21, 2016 Future Talkers
client case, coffee, gamified mobile design, our work

Consumer behavior is triggered by the context or occasion one is in as well as by one’s mood, habits and emotions. Correspondingly, purchase decisions are influenced by both the external and the internal factors of the context consumers are in. Yet we keep on conducting survey research without taking these context elements into account. The majority of survey research projects are filled out by participants who are supposedly sitting at their computer, but we are missing out on any information on their contextual background.

If context has such an impact on our decisions, why do we not take it into account when measuring concept performance? Together with Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE), a multinational tea and coffee company, we tested a new mobile survey approach to test the impact of context in concept validation research.

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Optimizing the website selling/buying experience for 2dehands.be

Jun 29, 2016 Future Talkers
CCB, client case, our work

2dehands.be is the Belgian market leader in online classifieds with more than 6.4 million unique visitors a month and over 4 million listings. The interest of their visitors is always the highest priority, whether about functionality, commerce or marketing; the needs of the visitor comes first. For this specific program, 2dehands.be was looking to optimize the connectivity between buyers and sellers on 2dehands.be for a more efficient and trustworthy communication, ultimately leading to a higher chance of closing the deal.

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It's a celebration! Over 3000 fans on Facebook and an attractive 'thank you' gift

May 26, 2016 Future Talkers
celebration, Future Talkers fans, sweepstakes

We are happy to let you know that our Future Talkers Facebook page has reached a milestone and is now part of the 3000+ likes club (along with our InSites Consulting page)!

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Mobile marketing: the best way to reach the smartphone addicted teens?

May 18, 2016 Future Talkers
millennials, mobile marketing, social media

Smartphones play an important role in our lives and especially in that of teenagers and Millennials! On average teens receive their first smartphone when they are 11 and they spend a minimum of six hours a day on it; at least that is what research by Business Insider tells us! Their technological other half never leaves their sight and they check their phone almost every ten minutes. But just how important have smartphones become to teenagers and how does this influence companies and brands? Let’s take a look at how teenagers see life through their smartphone camera!

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Putting Mithra Pharmaceuticals’ tagline ‘Inspired by women’ into practice

Apr 19, 2016 Future Talkers
client case, health, our work, wellbeing

In 1999, Mithra Pharmaceuticals pioneered in Women’s health with accessible contraception for women. Today, Mithra continues to focus on development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative and differentiated solutions dedicated to female healthcare.

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Sweets for my sweet and sugar for my honey

Feb 25, 2016 Future Talkers
CCB, client case, our work

Since we still feel the loving vibes of the Valentine's Day celebration (we should feel them all year long, isn't it?) and all it's wonderful sweet-tooth gifts, one thing comes to mind and it just so happens that it has to do with our work and client: sugar.
Read below how we help brands get more insight in the consumer's needs and trends.

The Südzucker group was formed in 1926 and is one of the leading food producers in Europe and the leader on the European sugar market with a sugar production of round 4.8 million ton.

There was a clear need to get in-depth understanding of the German sugar consumer in general, of the Südzucker consumer more specifically, and on key information about the real added value aspects the Südzucker brand (should) offer(s).

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Happy 2016! Let's go bananas in the year of the monkey!

Jan 26, 2016 Future Talkers
2016, wishes, year of the monkey

'The year of the Monkey is ideal for a quantum leap in your life! Now is the time to shake things up, create change, and innovate a new path. Join Monkey’s enthusiast energy when risks are rewarded and anything can happen. Even the most ambitious plans can succeed.'

...or at least this is what the astrologists and feng-shui masters advice us about 2016 being under the mark of the Monkey.
Whether you follow the stars or your inner gut, it doesn't matter as long as we make the best of 2016.

Let's be crazily in love with life, create new paths to success and enjoy the ride! :)

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Put your glasses on! 3 opportunities are right under your nose

Dec 15, 2015 Future Talkers
dream about the future, focus on the present

I myself am an optimist, so I always try and look on the bright side of life. Perhaps we live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, but this world can also be Vibrant, Unreal, Crazy and Astounding. It is just a matter of perspective. And perspective is what this blog is all about.

The world is changing, we all know it. But most eyes are on the future, therefore sometimes it's hard to see what is already right in front of you. “Be a game changer, think differently” said Peter Fisk. And that is exactly what I think you should do. Think differently. Change your perspective. Stop staring into the future and put your glasses on so you can spot the opportunities that are right here, right now. Here are 3 opportunities, presented at STIMA Congress 2015 and waiting to be seen by you.

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Co-Creating Adecco’s World of Work Strategy

Oct 22, 2015 Future Talkers
CCB, co-create, our work

As the world’s leading provider of HR solutions, the Adecco Group aims at becoming one of the leading forces shaping the world of work. To better understand and anticipate the continuous evolution in the employment market and to sharpen the long-term strategic direction of the company, Adecco wanted to develop an outside-in approach.

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Taking The Research Time Machine To A Gen-Z Dominated World Beyond 2020

Oct 06, 2015 Future Talkers
Esomar, Gen-Z, our work

What will research look like in 2020 and beyond? Let us take you through a day in the life of a GenZ researcher. This future generation will not only be your newest consumer, but they will also dominate the job market as future researchers and clients. Are we ready to embrace this young generation in research?

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Moms’ back-to-school shopping habits

Sep 15, 2015 Future Talkers
back to school, health&diet, infographic

They always say time flies when you’re having fun. And yes, we have to face it: this beautiful summer is already over again. But let’s not grieve for too long, because apart from looking forward to a new school year, we can also look back on the beautiful memories the summer of 2015 brought us. So what does this new school year mean for us, Millennials? Some of us will be starting a new career, a new education or just a new adventure. For the Millennial moms amongst us, however, this means a new school year for their boy or girl. And I can only assume it brings a lot of stress: getting up early to bring your kid to school and making sure they are ready to leave for school with a full, tasty lunch box.

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Client Case: Mapping the Health&Wellness shopping journey for Dannon

Aug 14, 2015 Future Talkers
client case, our work

To reframe its understanding of the in-store experience, Dannon initiated the Healthy Minded Peoplecommunity. By understanding the shopping behavior and context of consumers who aspire a lifestyle of Health & Wellness, Dannon can now take practical steps to enhance the shopping experience and make it more accessible, exciting and engaging.

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Client Case: Feeding the innovation funnel for beauty and hair care for P&G

Aug 06, 2015 Future Talkers
client case, our work

Procter & Gamble has a long tradition of consumer centricity, re-affirmed by its mantra that the consumer is boss. In line with this vision, the P&G global research center in Singapore wanted to bring in a new consumer connect capability by setting up an ongoing global Consumer Consulting Board (also known as online research community) across its core markets.

The key objective was to increase market understanding, facilitate consumer collaboration throughout the innovation process and drive organizational change.

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Client Case: Understanding the tea landscape for Pepsi Lipton

Jul 09, 2015 Future Talkers
client case, our work

Pepsi Lipton is a joint venture between PepsiCo and Unilever, focused on 3 core brands: Lipton Ice Tea, Brisk and Pure Leaf. To drive growth for their brands, Pepsi Lipton wanted to understand better consumers’ food & beverage occasions. Next to that, they wanted to assess how their brands are performing against consumers’ needs and look for growth opportunities within these key occasions.

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Infographic: Here's What Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Dads

Jun 16, 2015 Future Talkers
father's day, infographic, smartphone

This month we celebrate Father's Day and how better to do this than by acknowledging that dads have as much responsability, influence and power of decision making when it comes to family matters as much as their fellow counterparts: the moms. 

When it comes to statistics, how do dads use their mobile phones and what for?

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12 keynotes that help you build to last

Apr 29, 2015 Future Talkers
Build to Last, Congress, inspirational

We all know today’s business reality is fast and furious. It is fast, knowing that, according to recent research from Yale University, the lifespan of a company has decreased by more than 50 years over the last century, averaging a mere 15 years today (which is 3 years less than our very own current age). It is furious, as new technologies will continuously drive massive economic transformations and disruptions in the coming years.

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Who won our Moddie Awards?

Apr 22, 2015 Future Talkers
Consumer Consulting Board, Moddie Awards

In recent years, InSites Consulting has been building their very own Global Community Moderator Network at a fast pace. This network of experienced independent qualitative researchers – with an average of 11 years of moderating experience – allows us to open the dialogue with consumers in their local language, with moderators embedded in their local culture and market. After a thorough screening and selection procedure, they are trained by the InSites Consulting team in the latest innovative techniques in collaboration and moderation, thus guaranteeing a consistent cross-country moderation within each project. So far they have moderated over 400 projects in 33 countries, providing us with global moderation capabilities.

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Forget where you’re from, focus on where you’re going

Mar 31, 2015 Future Talkers
brands, celebrities, fresh start

Celebrities were not born as celebrities. Ok, there’s the odd son/daughter of a celeb, who inherits the title and gets smeared out all over the tabloids like there’s no tomorrow, but those are the exceptions to the rule. Celebrities basically start off as nobodies. They are the sons and daughters of telecom product sellers (Lady Gaga’s parents) or a bus driver (Bruce Springsteen’s father) or pub owners (Robbie Williams’ parents), for instance. And they often come from nowhere. Literally the middle of nowhere: weird-sounding birthplaces like Gary (Michael Jackson) or McComb (Britney Spears) or Bay City (Madonna).

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The Millennial Bucket List

Mar 16, 2015 Future Talkers
bucket list, Millenials

As much as we fuss over how different Millennials are, some of their preferences are the same as those of their predecessors. When reviewing the results of a recent Millennial InSites Consulting survey, it became apparent that while some areas of Millennials’ bucket lists are clearly shaped by the environment and culture they grew up in, there are also preferences that withstood the test of time.

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Post-Valentine balance : how much is love worth?

Feb 17, 2015 Future Talkers
gifts, love, price, Valentine's Day

Love is all you need, they teach us. And in order to receive love, you have to give love. Plain, simple rules to apply for each and everyone. In theory.

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Is your brand Millennial-proof?

Feb 02, 2015 Future Talkers
brand, Future Talkers, millennial

Millennials are still the biggest cohort of our society. Their impact on society has surpassed the influence of any previous generation and they are setting consumer trends for the coming years. 

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All we want for Christmas is…

Dec 17, 2014 Future Talkers
Christmas, fun, gifts

The Christmas trees are out, Christmas markets have opened their stalls all around the world and wish lists have been written, so we need to start our quest for that perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones. Because that’s the main question this time of year: what do they really want? Or the other way around: what do we really want? Here’s your solution, because 2014 holiday gifts are all about experiences.

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Millennials and their holiday shopping habits

Dec 11, 2014 Future Talkers
Christmas shopping, Future Talkers, millennials

Have you already noticed it? The holiday vibes are taking over gradually and the time has almost come to write your wish lists, to let fate decide who will be the lucky family member who will receive a gift from you and to start lurking around for these (potentially) amazing gifts.

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Get your spook on! Brands vs Halloween ads

Nov 04, 2014 Future Talkers
ads, brands, Future Talkers, halloween

Halloween can mean so many different things to different people. Regardless of who you are, Halloween is a unifying cultural holiday and advertisers relish the opportunity to incorporate it into their marketing campaigns.

Pumpkins, ghosts and zombies are popping up everywhere consumers look, as advertisers seem to be going farther than ever before to incorporate Halloween into their campaigns.

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Millennials, a generation of glamour-hungry travelers - Infographic

Sep 26, 2014 Future Talkers
Future Talkers, help brands, voice your opinions

We are already enjoying the first weeks of September and the summer nostalgia is still lingering in our thoughts. What comes to your mind when you think of summer? Holidays of course!
Some of us have days or weeks and others (the truly lucky ones) even enjoy months of holidays.
One way Millennials choose to spend their time in the summer is by traveling, be it a short trip, going abroad or exploring the world.
But did you know/expect that Millennials travel fancier than their older counterparts? That they are glamour-hungry while traveling?

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Quinny Mobilizing Urban Parents around the World

Aug 08, 2014 Liesbeth Dambre

Curious about what your contribution to our research studies can result in? This is just one example...

Dorel, the company behind the well-known stroller brands Quinny and Maxi-Cosi wanted to learn more about the needs of today’s ‘Urban Parent’.  This concept unifies all parents from different cities all over the world, from New York and Berlin to Tokyo and Seoul. Urban Parents are used to the city life and cannot imagine living outside the city. However when they become parents, they need to rediscover the city all over again. The purpose of this research project was to connect the Quinny team to these urban parents, in order to learn about their needs and create new Quinny projects adapted to what they want.

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Learning from our consumers

Jul 02, 2014 Liesbeth Dambre

Every day we tell our clients how important it is to listen to you, their consumers! But of course, we also need to practice what we preach with our own consumers, the members of our consumer panels. 
That is why we set up a large research study with over 3,000 consumers to participate in a survey. After that survey, 150 consumers participated in our 3-week online research community - the Future Talkers community, where we learned what is important for you, our consumers, and discussed the main results of the survey with you in the community.

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What type of chef are you?

Jul 02, 2014 Liesbeth Dambre

Take our quiz and find out what type of chef you are!


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What consumers want from brands in 2014

Jul 02, 2014 Liesbeth Dambre

InSites Consulting asked 6,975 consumers around the globe to share their 3 priorities for brands in 2014. It is clear that consumers want companies to offer them the best possible product/service (35%) and a great customer service (20%) above everything else. And to make that happen, they want companies to actively listen to their needs and wishes (16%). Second, being innovative (15%), eco-friendly (15%) and honest (14%) are greatly valued by the global consumer.

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